Student Profiles

The profile information below has been provided by each class member. Please email sean@iollan.com if you desire to add, change, or remove your information.

All Midwest Institute classes were held at Grainger Hall, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI.

Class rosters for the Institute held on June 3 - 7, 2007:

Class 1A/C-1: Jeannie Braun, Kimberly Brown, Sarah Cantrell, Dale Coachman, Tabitha Cross, Megan Cuccia, Nancy Hulse, Sherri Hunger, Terri Fleming, Vickie Hoffart, Joie Ketcham, Carrie Little, Pamela McConeghy, Scott Meske, Shawn Pariaug, Sean Pearson, Jacqueline Rakers, Luther Smith, Larissa Tyler, and Al Voorhees. Mark Biel served as the class advisor.

Class 1C-1: Jackie Arrison, Leslie Brunner, Mary Jane Buerkel, Brian Davis, Dustin Embree, Lisa Engdahl, Brett Geboy, Kate Gribble, Emily Hoskins, Candida Marroquin-Mobley, Claudia Meenan, Paul Miloni, Megan Olson, Christine Pinckard, Sheri Povolo, Barry Sellers, Thomas Snell, Barb Ulmer, and Daniel West. Arrie Larsen Manti served as class advisor.

Class rosters for the Institute held on June 8 - 12, 2008:

Class 2-1: Jackie Arrison, Wendy Block, Kristy Boylan, Emily Braton, Richard Davis, Dustin Embree, Lisa Engdahl, Brett Geboy, Eileen Goulding, Kate Gribble, Claudia Meenan, Megan Olson, Jeannette Patak, Laura Schoen Carbonneau, Barry Sellers, Barb Ulmer, and Daniel West. Lisa Peterson served as class advisor.

Class 2-2: Felicia Bryan, Sarah Cantrell, James Cross, Tabitha Cross, Megan Cuccia, Joel Felix, Vickie Hoffart, Matthew Jeanneret, Richard Juliano, Joie Ketcham, Brent Nussbaum, Shawn Pariaug, Sean Pearson, Jacqueline Rakers, Larissa Tyler, and Al Voorhees. Robert L. Goltz served as class advisor.

Class 3-1 roster for the Institute held on June 7 - 11, 2009:

Jackie Arrison, Wendy Block, Felicia Bryan, James Cross, Megan Cuccia, Richard Davis, Dustin Embree, Lisa Engdahl, Brett Geboy, Eilee Goulding, Kate Gribble, Joie Ketcham, Claudia Meenan, Scott Meske, Marimar Molinary, Sean Pearson, Jacqueline Rakers, Jessica Reinert, Laura Schoen Carbonneau, Barry Sellers, Lori Traweek, Larissa Tyler, Al Voorhees, and Daniel West. Glenn Harkness served as class advisor.

Class 4-1 roster for the Institute held on June 6 - 10, 2010:

Robin Anderson, Jackie Arrison, Wendy Block, Brad Boycks, Felicia Bryan, James Cross, Tabitha Cross, Megan Cuccia, Dustin Embree, Lisa Engdahl, Brett Geboy, Kate Gribble, Joie Ketcham, Sherri Knoll (p.k.a. Hunger), Pamela McConeghy, Claudia Meenan, Sean Pearson, Jacqueline Rakers, Jessica Reinert, Laura Schoen Carbonneau, Barry Sellers, Al Voorhees, and Daniel West. Mark Schenthal served as class advisor. (Download a directory for the graduating class.)

Jackie Arrison, IOM

Work Personal
Address: Levi Hospital
300 Prospect Ave.
Hot Springs, AR, 71901
219 Leigh Circle
Hot Springs AR, 71901
Phone: 800-264-5384 501-318-8282
Email: jarrison@levihospital.com
Webpage: http://levihospital.com/
Title: Vice President of Business Development
Attended Madison: 2007-2010
Best Memory: The first time I went to the student union at the university and sat outside and admired the lake and drank beer with my classmatess.
Random Fact: Year two, weather was crazy, had to have Barry pick me and Emily up at the airport and we all rode in his Volkswagon from Chicago to Madison in driving rain. My luggage showed up a day or so later. Emily and I had to go to Walmart and pick up essentials to make it through the first few days of class!
Hobbies: Enjoying the lake, going the beach as often as possible, swimming in my pool as much as I can during the summer, working out, visiting as many spas as possible for massages and other spa treatments, reading magazines.

Gwendolyn (Wendy) Block, IOM

Work Personal
Address: Michigan Chamber of Commerce
600 S. Walnut
Lansing, MI 48933
Albion, MI 49224
Phone: 517-927-5135
Email: wblock@michamber.com
Webpage: http://www.michamber.com
Title: Director, Health Policy & Human Resources
Focus: Government Relations, Lobbying
Attended Madison: 2008-2010

Sarah Cantrell

Address: 1209 N. Linden #2
Bloomington, IL 61701
Phone: 217-257-4744
Email: mcleancosarah@yahoo.com
Attended Madison: 2007-2008
Best Memory: Straight jackets are pretty comfy...oh, you mean Institute memory...uh...just kidding about the straight jacket. I don't know if I can pick a favorite memory right now. Any time that Joie spoke was entertaining, and I had a lot of fun twisting Shawn's words around on him to make him sound silly. Oh those mason jars!
Random Fact: I'm petrified of snakes.
Hobbies: I really used to love reading, and need to do more of that. I like going to watch our home sports teams play- Bloomington Extreme arena football, Bloomington Prairie Thunder ice hockey, and all things REDBIRDS (university teams). Going to concerts.

Laura Schoen Carbonneau, IOM

Work Personal
Address: Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce
800 W. Dakota Ave
Pierre, SD 57501
334 N. Evans
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: 605-224-7361
Email: laurasc@pierre.org
Webpage: http://www.pierre.org
Title: CEO
Focus: Overall management
Attended Madison: 2008-2010

Jim Cross

James Cross, IOM, CAE

Work Personal
Address: IBA West
7041 Koll Center Pkwy S290
Pleasanton CA 945666
908 Snapdragon Way
Brentwood CA 94513
Phone: 925-426-3304
Email: jcross@ibawest.com jecross1@pacbell.net
Webpage: http://www.ibawest.com
Title: VP Fianancial Operations
Focus: Accounting, Finance, HR, IT, Facilities
Attended Madison: 2008-2010

Megan Cuccia

Megan C. Cuccia, IOM, CAE

Address: 817 Sumac Street
Oregon, WI 53575
Phone: 608-358-4330 (Cell)
Email: megancuccia@frontier.com
Focus: Anything that has a chip in it and has power!!
Attended Madison: 2007-2010
Best Memory: The look on Mark's face when one of our teachers said something to the effect: "Let it catch on fire....." (This was after he found out his building HAD caught fire!!!) And watching all the guys making trips (with cameras) to the Men's Room @ Lombardino's to check out the pictures on the wall!
Random Fact: My mantra is that if you can't wear a swimsuit, it's too cold!!!
Hobbies: Traveling (preferably out of the country), sailing, beach-bumming....basically anything Caribbean!!, The Sopranos, scrapbooking, watching my husband cook (he's 100% Sicilian!!!), music: recorded and live concerts, reading, hanging out with friends and family doin' the BBQ thing!

Rich Davis

Address: 19 Dunsford Dr
Bella Vista, AR 72715
Phone: 479-466-6465
Email: jeferdd@gmail.com
Webpage: http://jefesmetalart.com
Attended Madison: 2008-2009
Best Memory: Class II after class meetings on the commons. Sitting on the lake front with classmatess, laughing and talking about just stuff.
Random Fact: I create metal art.
Hobbies: GOLF!

Dustin J. Embree, MPPA, IOM

Address: Jones County Economic Development Commission
118 E. Main St. Ste 3
PO Box 463
Anamosa IA 52205
Phone: 319-480-7446
Email: embreedusty@gmail.com
Webpage: http://jonescountydevelopment.com/
Title: Executive Director
Attended Madison: 2007-2010
Best Memory: Great people, great ideas!

Terri Fleming

Terri Fleming

Work Personal
Address: 207 N. Main St
Fond du Lac, WI 54935
1032 Briarwood Ln
Fond du Lac, WI 54935
Phone: 920-921-9500 920-517-1866
Email: terrif@fdlac.com terrif5@yahoo.com
Webpage: http://www.fdlac.com
Title: Vice President, Fond du Lac Area Association of Commerce
Focus: Chamber recruitment/retention, new programming, communications
Attended Madison: 2007
Best Memory: Sitting around the hibachi grill with the gang watching "Water" do his thing.
Random Fact: I hold to nearly none of the Wisconsin stereotypes. I don't eat brats, worship Brett Favre, drink beer, shoot deer or really consume much cheese. I do, however, believe in the power of long underwear, enjoy the restorative powers of the beautiful rolling green countryside and appreciate the benefits of small-town living.
Hobbies: Hiking, biking, rollerblading, reading, cooking, travel, golf.

Brett Geboy, IOM

Work Personal
Address: Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce
101 N. Farwell
Eau Claire, WI, 54701
1509 Vine
Eau Claire, WI, 54703
Phone: 715-858-0616
Email: geboy@eauclairechamber.org
Webpage: http://www.eauclairechamber.org
Title: Public Affairs Director
Focus: Politics
Attended Madison: 2007-2010
Best Memory: Hanging at the student union - I guess that happened all 3 years so far.
Random Fact: I lived in Russia for a few years.
Hobbies: Gaming, gardening, sleeping, driving my 3 daughters to their events.

Vickie Hoffart

Work Personal
Address: Forest Resources Association
1956 Ledge St
Niagara, WI 54151
Phone: 715-251-1481 906-282-6752
Email: vickiehoffart@aol.com
Webpage: http://forestresources.org
Title: Region Manager
Attended Madison: 2007-2008
Best Memory: Dinner at Takara was great both years - lots of laughs AND great food. Who can ask for more?
Hobbies: Camping, crochet, wii (tennis!!), GRANDKIDS!!

Joie Ketcham, IOM

Work Personal
Address: Brent Stevenson Associates
1401 W 6th St
Little Rock AR 72201
6208 Shady Brook Dr
Little Rock AR 72204
Phone: 501-372-4500 501-425-8655
Email: joie@brentstevensonassociates.com joannaketcham@yahoo.com
Title: Member Services Director
Focus: Everything! Attended Madison: 2007-2010
Best Memory: But there are SOOO many! Karaoke both years has.... well..... let's say.... left an impression! :)
Random Fact: I like SPAM! :)
Hobbies: Dancing, art, outdoor activities

Sherri Knoll, IOM

Work Personal
Address: Missouri Automobile Dealers Association
3322 American Ave PO Box 1279
Jefferson City MO 65109
123 South Larand
Holts Summit MO 65043
Phone: 573-761-1001 x136 573-619-3009
Email: sknoll@mada.com sherrik123@live.com
Webpage: http://www.mada.com
Title: Workers' Compensation Fund Manager
Focus: Workers' Compensation
Attended Madison:
Best Memory: Midwest Class & Campus - 1st Year
Random Fact: Married since 1st year Institute & new grandma in January 2010.
Hobbies: Downtime with friends & family.

Pamela McConeghy, IOM

Work Personal
Address: The Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce
131 Hyne Street
Brighton, MI 48116
3556 Pineview Trail
Howell, MI 48843
Phone: 810-227-5086 810-599-0562
Email: pamm@brightoncoc.org
Webpage: http://www.brightoncoc.org
Title: President & CEO
Focus: Business/Community
Attended Madison: 2007
Best Memory: Getting to know people in classes I attended in both Madison & LA.
Random Fact: I love a rainy day.
Hobbies: Piano

Scott Meske, CAE

Work Personal
Address: Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin
725 Lois Dr
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
Waunakee, WI
Phone: 608-837-2263
Email: smeske@meuw.org onthefly@tds.net
Webpage: http://www.meuw.org
Title: Associate Director
Focus: Governmental and Regulatory Affairs
Attended Madison: 2007, 2009
Hobbies: Fly fishing, photography, coaching youth sports

Shawn Pariaug

Address: 9134 Pershore Pl.
Tamarac FL 33321
Phone: 954-895-8903
Email: pariaugs@hotmail.com
Attended Madison: 2007-2008

Sean Pearson, IOM

Work Personal
Address: 6402 Arlington Blvd., Suite 500
Falls Church, VA 22042
7713 Random Run Ln. Apt. 202
Falls Church, VA 22042
Phone: 703-970-9260 703-772-9761 (Cell)
Email: spearson@caionline.org sean@iollan.com
Webpage: http://www.caionline.org http://www.iollan.com
Title: Senior Credentialing Specialist
Focus: I provide support for all credentials offered by CAI for both those that are seeking and those that are maintaining their credential.
Attended Madison: 2007-2010
Best Memory: Walking around at night with all the crowd. Thanks for the great memories.
Random Fact: I listen to Celtic music religiously. (Gaelic Storm are GODS!)
Hobbies: Reading, webpage development, celtic music & culture

Jackie Rakers, IOM, PFMM

Work Personal
Address: Illinois Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
107 Main Street, P.O. Box 116
Ohlman, IL 62076
Phone: 217-563-8300 217-494-6062
Email: leadership@iamic.org JRakers@ctitech.com
Webpage: www.iamic.org
Title: Executive Director
Focus: Managing assets, meeting planner, membership, advocacy
Attended Madison: 2007-2010
Hobbies: Softball, public speaking, camping, boating

Barry Sellers, EDI, CDI, IOM

Work Personal
Address: Sherwood Chamber of Commerce
295 West Kiehl Ave.
Sherwood, AR 72120
Phone: 501-835-7600 870-323-2424
Email: barrysellers@yahoo.com
Title: Economic Development Director
Attended Madison: 2007-2010
Best Memory: Evenings with contemporaries that became friends.
Random Fact: I have been in broadcasting on and off since 14.
Hobbies: Sports, politics, radio, history, singing, athletics, dancing

Lori Traweek

Work Personal
Address: American Gas Association
400 N. Capitol St NW
Washington, DC 20001
14411 Brookmere Dr
Centreville, VA 20120
Phone: 202-824-7330 703-282-0934
Email: ltraweek@aga.org
Webpage: http://aga.org
Title: Senior Vice President and COO
Focus: Association management, strategic planning, operations and enginnering services oversight.
Attended Madison: 2009
Best Memory: My previous two years in IOM have been at Villanova. I have several "best memories" but am sure none will compare with what I will experience at University of Wisconsin.
Random Fact: I have two "B.S.'s"One in Communications - Television/Radio and the other in Mechanical Engineering.
Hobbies: Sailing, skiing, hiking and watching my children compete in soccer, baseball, tennis and horseback riding.

Al Voorhees, IOM, CAE

Address: 1111 Office Park Road
West Des Moines, IA 50265

Phone: 515-440-7621
Email: avoorhees@iada.com
Webpage: http://www.iada.com
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Focus: Finance and Operations
Attended Madison: 2007-2010
Best Memory: The weather in Madison has always been so accomodating during Institute Week.
Random Fact: Although I have not been there yet, I do plan to visit this "Memorial Union" about which many of my classmatess have commented. I also moonlight as the "Director of First Impressions - Parking" for my church.
Hobbies: Coaching youth sports has always been something that helps keep me pretty grounded. With two teen-age daughters, I may need to add gun-collecting to the list. It also seems that my wife and I are frantically trying to spend our retirement funding before the girls need it for college and weddings.

Dan West, IOM

Work Personal
Address: Livonia Chamber of Commerce
33233 Five Mile Road
Livonia, MI 48154
16840 Savoie
Livonia, MI 48154
Phone: 734-427-2122 734-523-1430
Email: dwest@livonia.org djwest777@yahoo.com
Webpage: http://www.livonia.org
Title: President/CEO
Focus: Organization Manager/Program developer
Attended Madison: 2007-2010
Best Memory: Friendly banter while enjoying a cold one with my classmatess on the water at the Union.
Random Fact: I stood up in 8 weddings.Worked as a newspaper reporter for 12 years moving into the Chamber world in 2006.
Hobbies: Politics, current events, chasing my two young daughters, running 5k races, pick-up basketball, following Detroit sports teams and politics.