This page seeks to illustrate the history of the class, including both classes and social activities. Please email sean@iollan.com with any memorable events that occurred during IOM. Please see the class profiles page for the class roster for each year, and the electives page for the electives for each year.


Date Class Instructor
06/03/07 C000 Homeroom I Mark Biel
06/04/07 C000 Homeroom II Mark Biel
C150 Messaging and Media Dr. Bev Browning
C180 Guide to Governance Judy Whalen
06/05/07 C125 Hiring, Firing and Everything In Between Sheila Birnbach
E100 Elective Set Varies
06/06/07 E200 Elective Set Varies
E300 Elective Set Varies
C110 Financial Fitness Edward J. McMillan
06/07/07 C130 The Leadership Challenge Ann Atkinson, Ed.D.
C185 Recruit, Retain and Reward Your Members Cathleen Hight

Memorable Events:
  • Probably the most remembered event of 2007: An instructor saying Screw You to the class after a late night. Which instructor is a matter of contention amongst the class. See the controversy here.


Date Class Instructor
06/08/08 C000 Homeroom I Robert Glotz
06/09/08 C000 Homeroom II Robert Glotz
C260 Marketing Strategies Drew J Stevens, Ph.D.
C230 Managers Who Motivate Deborah S. Snellen
06/10/08 C250 Customer Service Inside and Out David K. Aaker, IOM, ACE
E100 Elective Set Varies
06/11/08 E200 Elective Set Varies
E300 Elective Set Varies
C261 Programming with a Purpose Charles Ewart, IOM, CCE
06/12/08 C220 Is That Legal? Samuel Erkonen, J.D., LLM
C270 Votes and Voices Amy Showalter, RCC

Memorable Events:
  • 06/08/08: Dinner at Tornado with Joie, Tabitha, Sarah, Rebecca, Sean, Robert, and Bob, followed by drinks at Nitty Gritty with all but Bob afterward. Highlights include menu at Tornado (rabbit is yummy) and skanky dancing at Nitty Gritty, thankfully not by any of the class members. (Submitted by Sean.)
  • 06/09/08: Breakfast at Einstein Bagels, class dinner at Takara Japanese Restaurant, and drinks at Nitty Gritty with Larissa, Joel, Brent, Joie, Sarah, Sean, and Felicia. Highlights include sake shots (that means you Jackie) and the flaming volcano. (Submitted by Sean.)

    I really enjoyed Takara's restaurant - this was my first experience and I was so touched by everyone's focus to make sure I enjoyed myself and was able to taste the many different items! I miss some of last years class members but was very glad to meet our new members and hope they join us next year! (Submitted by Jackie)

  • 06/10/08: Breakfast at Einstein Bagels, walking State Street with Vickie, Tabitha, Joie, and Sarah at various times, dinner at Frida Mexican Grill with James, Tabitha, Joie, Shawn, Sean, Megan, Sarah, and Felicia, followed by drinks at Memorial Union Terrace with all but Felicia, and drinks at Wando's Bar & Grill with James, Tabitha, Joie, Shawn, and Sean. Highlights include frozen Raspberry Margaritas pitchers at Frida, free bacon at Wando's and the arcade shooting game: Maximum Force. Remember all to ask "Are you having fun today?" (Submitted by Sean.)
  • 06/11/08: Breakfast at Fluno with Shawn and Tabitha and the graduation ceremony and the Big Bash at Johnny O's Restaurant & Bar with the class and a brief visit to the Red Shed. Highlights include the Bohemian Rhapsody Karaoke cover and planning the graduation ceremony. Make sure to remind Shawn of what happened that night. Stayed out the latest this year. (Submitted by Sean.)
  • 06/12/08: Breakfast at Einstein Bagels, tornado warning at Fluno, dinner at Tutto Pasta Trattoria Bar & Caffe' with Joie, Tabitha, and Bob, followed by drinks at the Study Pub at Fluno Center with Joie and Tabitha and drinks at Vintage with Joel, Larissa, and Brent. (Submitted by Sean.)
Memorable Quotes (Submitted by Sarah)
  • Sean about Joie on Thursday morning: "Joie reached her limit last night." (In reference to her not making it to breakfast the morning after the Big Bash and the ensuing night of drinking.)
  • Shawn about himself: "I have a smell fetish." (In reference to himself and his sniffing Sarah's hair during the walk back to the hotel after numerous shots after the Big Bash.)
  • Al about Vickie: "You just don't measure up." (In reference to Vickie's height discrimination question during the "Is that Legal?" class.)
  • Joel to Jim: "You're a bit flat." (During the singing of "Bohemian Rhapsody.")


Date Class Instructor
06/07/09 C000 Homeroom I Glenn Harkness
06/08/09 C000 Homeroom II Glenn Harkness
C330 Everyday Ethics Deborah Mitchell, Ph.D.
C340 Strategic Planning Robert C. Harris, CAE
06/09/09 C310 Budgeting and the Bottom Line Robert Foulks, IOM, CAE, CPA
E100 Elective Set Varies
06/10/09 E200 Elective Set Varies
E300 Elective Set Varies
C380 Vintage, Virtual, and Visionary Volunteers Bruce Matza
06/11/09 C341 Win-Win Partnerships Kip Lilly, MA, IOM
C360 Implementing Ideas C. Wayne Mitchell, IOM

Memorable Events:
  • 06/07/09: Most of the class attended the Institute Mixer, to be regaled by Joie and Barry's solos and duets, including Janis. Then Barry, Joie, Jim, Jackie, Felicia, and Sean went to shot some pool in the Fluno Center Lounge. Barry, Joie, Jim, and Sean ended the night at the Nitty Gritty.
  • 06/08/09: The whole class attended the class dinner at Samba Brazilian Grill where we were treated to a big salad bar, meat, meat, and did someone mention: meat (link opens pdf file). Samba was followed by drinks at the Terrace, and then Joie, Jim, Lisa, Barry, Wendy, Dan, and Sean made a quick visit to the Vintage, which was packed, before settling at the Red Shed, which was dead.
  • 06/09/09: Jackie A, Joie, Jackie R., Jim, Felicia, Laura, Barry, and Sean had dinner at Ocean Grill, which has been recommended for the class dinner for the final year.
  • 06/10/09: The class attended the Big Bash for most of the night and Laura, Barry, Joie, Barry, Marimar, Jackie A, and Sean finished the night out with a slice of pizza from Ian's Pizza.


Date Class Instructor
06/06/10 C000 Homeroom Mark Schenthal
06/07/10 C470 Advocacy & Alliances William E. Malkasian, CAE
C460 Integrating a Digital Strategy Tony Rubleski
06/08/10 C430 Becoming a Strategic Manager Deborah Snellen
E100 Elective Set Varies
06/09/10 E200 Elective Set Varies
E300 Elective Set Varies
C440 Collaborative Leadership Deborah Snellen
06/10/10 C441 Industry Forecast C. Wayne Mitchell, IOM
C490 IOM and Beyond Charles Ewart IOM, CCE

Memorable Events:
  • 06/06/10: The Screw You controversy from Class 1A/C has been solved, as Joie asked SB at the Institute Kickoff. SB stated that she did not do it and that it was most likely AA. Several of the class visited the Red Shed and ended at the Nitty Gritty. Barry, Dan, Joie, Megan, Sean, and Tabitha tried the new The Taco Shop across from the Fluno Center.
  • 06/07/10: Started with breakfast at Einstein Bros. Bagel with Joie, Megan, Sean and Tabitha. Best quote of the day was Dusty's "ringing" endorsement of Tony Rubleski's class and then asking for the BS Bag, while on camera. Class dinner that night was at Porta Bella Restaurant, where we met and took pictures with original owners. Discussion included chiggers and the Testicle Festival. Barry, Brett, Dusty, Joie, Mark, Megan, Sean, and Tabitha visited Paciugo for some fresh home made gelato. Most of the class then met up at the Study Lounge in the Fluno Center.
  • 06/08/10: Started with breakfast at Einstein's with Joie, Sean, and Tabitha. After the afternoon elective, Jackie A., Barry, Joie, Lisa, Mark, Sean, Tabitha, and Wendy visited Brocach Irish pub and did some State Street window shopping. After a brief break, Al, Barry, Dusty, Felicia, Jackie A, Jim, Joie, Lisa, Laura, Mark, Sean, Sherri, and Tabitha went to dinner at the Ocean Grill. This was followed by bacon and fishbowls at Wando's Bar & Grill, where Al, Dusty and Jim left and Dan, Marimar, Pam and Wendy joined the group.

  • 06/09/10: GRADUATION:

    Class Bracelets & Traveling Jacket: Jackie Arrison, IOM Bracelets donated by Alliance Plastics.
    Class Entrance Song: I Gotta Feeling -
    Black Eyed Peas
    Download the song.
    Class Speakers: Jackie Rakers, PFMM, IOM,
    Barry Sellers EDI, CDI, IOM
    Read the W.W.I.O.M.D. Speech.
    Class Presentation: Joie Ketcham, IOM Download the presentation.
    Large zip file. Make sure to unzip all files in the same folder.
    Class Toast: Dan West, IOM Read the Toast.
    Graduation Photos: Amy Lynn Schereck Photography, LLC View the Graduation Photos.
    Click on EVENT PHOTO GALLERIES and enter USCHAMBER as the password.

    • After the Graduation Ceremony and Champagne Toast, the class went to the Big Bash at the Pyle Center and finished off at the Memorial Union Terrace with the traditional pitchers of beer. Laura Schoen Carbonneau also won the Traveling Jacket from the Silent Auction.

  • 06/10/10: The day started with a gift of a Badger Bar-B-Que Utensil set to our class advisor, Mark Schenthal. The day ended with a tearful goodbye, after which those left in Madison split up for some time. Barry took Tabitha and Sean on a driving exploration of Madison. Then Barry, Jim, Mark, Megan, Pam, Sean, Sherri, and Tabitha went to Takara Japanese Restaurant for some hibachi, and stopped off one last time at Paciugo.